Sunday, April 21, 2013

Some sweet ebay nabs, and almost completely up to date on NOW issues!! :) :)

I took a small break from buying lately.  Other hobbies need some love's all about balance right? lol
I nabbed a couple Ebay auctions to get some wants off my list.   Adding to my addiction of the gatefold/prism/embossed/etc. covers, I nabbed a lot of various 90's goodness of Ebay....some I forgot about long ago. Nothing special, but they help feed the addiction  ;)

At the same time, I needed to catch up on all the Marvel NOW books that interested me:
So far I was already digging what little i read of Uncanny X-Men
I've been hearing a lot of good stuff about All New X-Men, and it looks AWESOME
Thanos Rising sounds like it will be a fun ride
Cable & X-Force has had some of the best looking cover art in awhile (sucks the shop were out of #2, and 3)
I nabbed Guardians of the Galaxy on a whim.....was a fan of the original series as a kid.


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